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Brand Relyon
Fillings pocket springs/bamboo/cotton
Available Size Single (3'0)
Available Size Small Double (4'0)
Available Size Double (4'6)
Available Size Kingsize (5'0)
Available Size Super Kingsize (6'0)
Firmness medium

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Relyon Natural Luxury 1000 Divan Set



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The Natural Luxury 1000 is rated medium, making it the ideal choice if you want to balance support and cushioned comfort Bamboo, alpaca, and wool combine in a single natural layer to help regulate your temperature throughout the year Strengthened sides prevent sagging and structural deterioration, extending your mattress’ lifespan Natural probiotic treatment helps keep the mattress fabric free of allergens, bacteria, and odours 1000 pocket-mounted springs move freely to provide support where your body needs it most 8-year guarantee means your mattress is protected

Overview The Natural Luxury 1000 employs a combination of natural fibres and pocket mounted springs to provide you with all-night support and premium comfort. Bamboo, alpaca, and wool are used to create a mattress that adapts to the changing seasons, helping you to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Rated as a medium mattress, it’s an excellent choice if you find softer designs don’t provide the required support. Pocket spring design makes for a more comfortable night’s sleep

The Natural Luxury 1000 contains 1000 springs, each of which is packed into its own fabric pocket. This allows the springs to flex independently of one another, resulting in a more versatile and responsive spring system that’s capable of adapting to subtle movements and provides targeted support.

Pocket spring design makes for a more comfortable night’s sleep image Natural fibres keep you at an optimal temperature image Natural fibres keep you at an optimal temperature Natural wool, alpaca and bamboo fibres are worked into two comfort-enhancing layers - one either side of the Posturepocket™ spring system.

These layers act as a natural insulator, keeping things fresh and cool in warmer weather and ensuring you stay toasty when winter arrives. Firmer springs at the sides ensure a larger sleeping area Firmer springs line both edges of the design, preventing the sides from sagging as the mattress ages and expanding the amount of comfortable space you have at your disposal. While many mattresses lose their structural integrity over the years, the Natural Luxury 1000 stays strong, thanks to its reinforced sides.

Firmer springs at the sides ensure a larger sleeping area image The Natural Luxury 1000 is a double-sided mattress that can be flipped and rotated regularly if you wish to extend its expected lifespan. To make this easier, handles have been integrated into the design.

The mattress also comes with an 8-year guarantee, so you can make your purchase safe in the knowledge that your mattress is protected.